Sunday, January 9, 2011

a layed back week.

Well Hillary is back in Florida. This time she is in Tampa. She said her job is going very well. she is working with the Tampa Bay Rays, the baseball team. On Tuesday i had a swim meet. Swimming some of my best races. My coach has been pushing me really hard. this means putting me as a freshman with the fast senior girls. and i practically diedddd haha. but if she keeps pushing me i know i can get my times down. Jess has been running his little tail off. HE runs everyyyy single dayyyyy! he is a little crazy but whatever. haha. Mother has been getting back into running. the past few weeks she has been a sickling. Mariel and Griffin have been back at school, Mariel has been working i believe, and griffin has been having fun with his buddies. And whitney and griffin now have their own blog. if you would like to visit it, here is the URL.
Well Hope you enjoyed this post!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

ITS 2011!!! the start of a new year. Making goals, and starting over again. Well for new years jess and the guys from the church went on a camp out! crazy, but the feedback was that they had a great time. They did guy stuff. Jess came back with bruises allover him and when we asked him about them he said "What do you expect, you sent me to a camp out with guys my age" hahahaha. Well i guess when they have their nerf swords they are going to get cuts and bruises. Well to backtrack, Mariel left for Utah on Wednesday. So for New Years, me, griffin, my father, and my mother went to a family friend's house, the Thompson family. we usually go there every year. On new years our Florida State played against South Carolina and won so we were pretty happy. We ate bunch of yummy foods and watched the ball drop. It was exciting!! then we left to go home. While we were there, Hillary went over Amie Olson's house to watch Gracie and Isaac because Amie and Jamie went out. Saturday morning, Hillary and my dad left to drive to Florida. They stayed over my uncle Butch and Aunt Rose's house Saturday night, then Hillary took my dad to Atlanta, Georgia airport and she drove the rest of the way by herself.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

exciting week

Well. on Tuesday and Thursday i had swim meets. I did ok in my races. not as good as my first meet but i am just going to keep pushing myself harder. for the exciting part. Mariel and Griffin came home on friday night. and Hillary came home Saturday morning! Yayyy! we have everyone home except for whitney and griffin weaver. Well last night we had a movie night. mare and hillary got some snacks and we watched, Charlie St. Cloud. such a good movie. My mom had her schools christmas party. and guess what? My dad was Santa Clause!!! haha. Probably the best santa clause, aside fromt he real santa :P, that you could ever have.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well my birthday was monday. it was exciting. We had the Olsons and Schepmans (two families ia m close too) over for cake and ice cream. i got good presents!! well on to my Mother, my Father, and Jess's weekend. Thursday at 6AM they left and started driving to florida. they drove the whole day and got there in Jacksonville at 8:30. ON friday they hung out with hillary the whole day then after they went out to lunch, they went to hillary's GRADUATION!!!!!! crazzyyyy. she is graduated! before we know it, MARIEL will be graduating. ok anyway, Right after hillarys graduation, they had to say byee to hillary to drive 6 hours towards Alabama. They stayed in a hotle after driving, and when they woke up like only had an hour left to where jess was running USA Track and Field National Cross Country Championships. he did okayy. he didnt do his BEST, but he still did Good. Well after his race they drove to Tennessee to see my Uncle Butch and Aunt Rose and ate pizza with them. i am extremely sad iw as not there to enjoy pizza with them! then they drove 3 more hours and stayed in a hotel. today they drove 8 hours home and got home around5. they said they enjoyed their weekend. We now have Bella. Hillarys cat. she is stayign in my room. she is cute besides the fact that she is scared and has EXTREMLY long nails hahha.... 13 days till christmas!!!!!

pictures from mom,dad, and jess's trip to florida

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey everyone!. Well, Monday jess and i had off of school. Him and my mother went shopping. i stayed home the whole day, i was sick. Tuesday Jess and i stayed home from school because he had pink eye and i was sick. Wednesday Me and jess both went to school, but i went hope early. I was sick. Saturday (yesterday) i had practice at 8 then a swim meet at 10. it was called theBlue and White meet. it was just a fake meet to see how they are goign tor un for the rest of the season. It was sorta fun. Then at night me and jess went over to one of our friends house Gabe Beebe. we went over with like 3 or 4 other friends. we celebrated mine and Gabe's birthday because we have the same one. (HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!) While we were there for like 6 hours, my mom went to finish up some of her christmas shopping. she said she had fun. Then today after church my mom went with some of her cousins to put wreaths on her Grandparents graves. she said it was nice to see her cousins! Well hope everyone is getting ready for christmas. 20 DAYS!! woohooo! cannot wait. and we love and miss everyone.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

well thanksgiving was thursday! in the morning me my mom and jess ran teh Run for the Diamonds. its a 9 mile race. they have run it before but that was my first time ever running 9 miles! woah. jess did great. he was one of the youngest in his age group so he didnt get anything but he ran an amazing time. Then we came hoem from the race and got ready to have THanksgiving dinner at our friends house. The Alder's. it was fun. us kids played the Wii and we played pool. also we played Ninja (: haha We are grateful for the jobs my mom and dad have, the roof over our head, our family, the food on the table, and everything we have. We love everyone of you!